Statement of Purpose

I developed this teaching portfolio to document my teaching experience at North Carolina State University as a co-instructor for Principles of Plant Pathology (PP315) and the instructor for the Ag Discovery program. I wanted to demonstrate how my teaching has improved through involvement in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) and Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) programs. In addition, I hoped the portfolio would encourage me to document teaching strategies and their success in the classroom to continue my development. To demonstrate my teaching style and growth as a teacher over the past few years, I have included my teaching philosophy, artifacts of teaching, personal reflections, evaluations from students, a peer, and my mentor.

The past six years I have helped teach PP315 laboratory sessions that accompany the course lecture taught by Dr. David Shew and in fall 2013, I taught part of the lecture portion for this course.  I started teaching as a part of the requirement for Ph.D. students in the plant pathology department, and I really enjoyed the experience. After my first semester as a teaching assistant, I signed up for CoAT. After completing the CoAT program, I wanted to further  my experience as a teacher and work closely with a teaching mentor to develop my skills through the PTP program. To complete the requirements for the CoAT and PTP programs, I wanted to continue teaching PP315 because teaching undergraduate students new to the field of plant pathology is my real passion. This course has a lecture and lab unit for students to complete. The on campus section of this course meets twice per week in the classroom and students can choose to attend one of the three laboratory sections offered once a week. My role in teaching the lab sections for PP315 has increased with each passing year, and includes development and preparation of lab experiments, lecturing on pathogen groups, demonstrating lab techniques, and assisting students with analysis of experimental data. Assisting with PP 315 increased my interest in teaching and because of my involvement as a teaching assistant, I was asked to teach the Ag Discovery laboratories during summer 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. For the Ag Discovery program, I created and led eight, 3-5 hour lab sections for a group of high school students.

In this portfolio, I decided to document my involvement in both PP 315 and Ag Discovery because it demonstrates my ability to teach a diverse group of students at varying ages and levels of understanding. I created this portfolio to help answer the question, “Am I an effective teacher?” and to reflect on my teaching experiences. In the future I would like to include more examples of how I incorporate technology into the classroom and keep students motivated. My ultimate goal is to use materials in this portfolio to learn and grow as a teacher.